Crucial Swamp Cooler Maintenance Tips

The efficiency and performance of your evaporative cooler are dependent on how well you use and take care of it. A well-maintained cooler will not only give you the best performance but you will cut down on the cost of purchasing parts and regular repairs, not to mention keeping your energy costs down and improving your home’s comfort. It can also, extend your unit’s lifetime by a big margin. As one of the most famous air conditioning alternatives, the swamp cooler demands proper care and maintenance. Below are some evaporative cooler maintenance tips to ensure that can help you get the most out of your investment in one of the most popular home cooling systems.

1. Regular Checks on Cooler Pads and Replacement
Regardless of the type of filter pads used by your evaporative cooler system, regular checks and cleaning are advised. These pads should be cleaned at least once a month. As per the manufacturer’s instructions, you should also ensure that you replace the cooler pads periodically. Your cooler pads are first hand in the accumulation of dust particles and dirt due to their strategic positioning and functions.

2. Clean the Water Tank
Always ensure that the water in the water tank is clean and free from impurities. Rare occasions of using mild additive agents for the purpose of freshening the air or for preventing corrosion are allowed. However, you should exercise caution when choosing such a cleaning agent. Regularly clean and replace the water if need be. If by chance the water tank is rusty, you should gently scrape off the rust and repaint using spray cooler coating.

3. Unplug the Cooler When Not In Use
Also known as winterizing, this ensures that you not only cut down on utility bill but helps in protecting your unit against power surges. Most of the time, your evaporative cooler will not be in use during the winter season. Therefore, it is best to clean the unit thoroughly and cover it to avoid the buildup of dirt. This will ensure that your unit is ready to resume work after the cold season has passed.

4. Clean the Water Pump
In general, cleaning the swamp cooler every 6 months is advised. Ensure that the water pump impeller rotates freely by manually turning it. Remove any debris by cleaning the pump screen. Call for evaporative cooler repair if you find that the pump shaft is stuck.

5. Lubricate the Bearings
Dry wheel bearings in some parts of your evaporative cooler can impede on its function and efficiency. Occasionally, spread a thin coat of oil on the motor and blower wheel bearings to ensure that they rotate freely. You can ensure the free rotation by manually turning the blower wheel and giving it some few rotations. Call for servicing if you notice the rotations are hard to make.

6. Adjust Float
The float should shut off the water at about ½ an inch below the top of the drain tube. Check and tighten any nut in case of leakages. If the float valve is not working properly, you can get an inexpensive repair kit to fix this problem DYI or get a trusted HVAC contractor to do it for you.

7. Corrosion Control
In hard water areas, it can be a good idea to install a bleed-off kit, which helps to minimize corrosion by flushing minerals out of the cooler. You can also do this by draining and refilling your reservoir at least twice a month or by adding a mineralizing agent neutralizer to help remove minerals from the water.

Remember, swamp cooler installation is a big investment. Be sure to follow these tips as well as the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure maximum performance, and extend the life of the cooler. These are tasks that can easily be carried out with minimal technical skills and give you the best operational results from your cooler. Seek help from your local repair service company for problems that seem more technically involving.

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